Kansas City Star Stands Up For China

I wanted to skip this but I needed a bit of filler for tonight . . .

Check The star arguing the case of China over a Missouri Republican leader. 

What's worse is that they're throwing Asian-Americans under the bus in the name of "diversity" and because that seems like the new directive from the DNC.

What's truly disgusting is that the editorial assumes Americans with Chinese heritage would align themselves with a foreign government . . . Those of us who actually know immigrants realize that's almost NEVER true. 

Sadly . . . Here's the last gasp of dead-tree media attempting to help make a "progressive" argument by way of leveraging racial hateration . . . Read more:

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt's stunt lawsuit against China is harming Asian Americans

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's latest stunt - serving the Chinese Communist Party and other defendants in a lawsuit blaming China for the COVID-19 pandemic - is a sideshow, but it's a dangerous one. As international law experts have said, the lawsuit is not going to get very far.