Kansas City 'Sideshow' Street Racing Crackdown Coming Soon

This cowtown might not agree on how to confront social justice rioters but threatening illicit motorists offers a rare bit of clarity.

Moreover . . .

Given that innocent victims have been killed at illegal "sideshows" and bold street racers have even dared to threaten downtown development . . . Mayor & Council have no choice but to get tough.

Accordingly, here's a peek at new efforts that will impose stricter fines and maybe confiscate a few hot cars until street racers get the point.

Developing . . .

KCMO City Council Putting Up Roadblocks Against Reckless Drag Racing On City Streets

Reckless drag racing, burnouts and other dangerous driving stunts have frustrated Kansas City police, residents and motorists, especially during the pandemic, and have also spawned shootings and other violence. Now the City Council is taking action to try to confront the illegal activity and deter these nuisance street takeovers.