Kansas City 'Sideshow' Season Restarts

The pandemic reopen also offers more opportunities for local street racers to reclaim control over local streets and endanger drivers.

Check the preview . . .

Sideshows get attention of many across Kansas City metro

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- By now it's a sight and sound many Kansas Citians are all too familiar with. Late night tires screeching at sideshows, taking place across the Kansas City metro. "You can handle a three plus hundred horsepower car and dance with it, like it's really fun thing to do," says Roy Anderson.


  1. better title: donuts for dorks.

  2. The minute the City finds a "safe place" to sanction one of these displays they will be sued the minute someone gets hurt.

  3. slow the fuck down is probably right

    these wheelie shows and stunt rides are pretty dangerous. kind of inconsiderate use of streets. a bit intimidating be a waker or cyclist when 100+ motorcycles go by on hickory street, wheelies and stunts blowing stop signs. rad. but dangerous

  4. Now is a good time to sell tires.


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