Kansas City Royals 2021 Losing Streak Starts

The "first place" team begins their downward slide that won't conclude until it's time for annual August "rebuilding" hype . . . Read more:

Late rally not enough to overcome poor pitching as Royals fall 8-6

In Daniel Lynch's big league debut, the Kansas City Royals scored six runs. But when three Royals pitchers-Scott Barlow, Jake Junis, and Lynch himself-all had bad enough nights on the mound to combine to allow eight runs, it's hard to win. The Royals did not.


  1. TKC, you kill me on your Royals headlines. "Kansas City Royals 2021 Losing Streak Starts"

    A few days ago you were singing their praises. And a few days before that, the season was over.

    You need to get your meds adjusted!!

  2. ^^^ Lulz. You get a better sense of humor.

    I guarantee in a few days we'll see another headline about the Royals "Renaissance" and hope springing eternal.

    1. Royals will go back to the series. Sorry bitch.

  3. Wait for the lack luster performance ahead for the Chiefs. They'll chase Mchomboy out of town like the 1942 Frankenstein.

  4. I can’t imagine living a life so miserable that a Royals loss brings satisfaction, except for faggots. The Royals have the best record in the American League.

  5. Please. Tony shits on everything and you guys show up to smell the excrement and complain about it.

  6. But we got ten hits and lynch is solid in debut! Whit had a 2 run homer etc

  7. I really like the idea of watching an in person MLB game, spending $200 for a family of 4 and being lectured to about social justice. Rather slam my Johnson in the car door.


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