Kansas City Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Worthwhile foodie write-up offers a glimpse at this town's signature cuisine still making headlines across the nation.  

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A local barbecue pit just got its ribs on the cover of a top national mag

Harp Barbecue ribs on the cover of the new issue of County's Country magazineA Kansas City barbecue operation just landed its tender smoked ribs on the cover of a national magazine. Harp Barbecue is featured in this month's Cooks Country magazine-that's the magazine affiliated with the PBS series of the same age, from the same company that does America's Test...


  1. Never heard of them.

  2. ^^because you're old and only eat Bob Evans geezer. There's a whole world outside the rest home Boomer. Too bad you'll never experience it.

  3. There was a girl Sandi, who used to go to Michael's Plum, the O.P. bar at 107th and Metcalf. She loved "ribbed for your pleasure".

  4. ^^sorry pappy this isn't remember when. Go watch Matlock if you can't stay on topic.

  5. Sort of a shame the long time great bbq from Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, next to The Elms Hotel, misses the local reviews. Great little sinful foodie trip for the weekend. During the Summer, they have blues live music outside every other weekend. I'm a customer. No connection to the business.

    Check 'em out. http://www.wabashbbq.com/


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