Today Kansas City activists focus on social justice progress following a historic murder and don't really want to talk about a series of Country Club Plaza riots that caused MILLIONS worth of damage during a global pandemic in their own backyard.

Meanwhile, a debate over the police budget reveals Kansas City is more divided than ever and likely just waiting for another occasion to riot.

Over the past year we've learned quite a bit about American Democracy and the Black Lives Matter movement in a series of one-sided discussions that follow carefully scripted talking points.

Meanwhile, there's little dispute that Kansas City and the nation have changed for the worse across the spectrum of demographic lines since the fateful day when a bad cop killed a drug addict in a town far away . . . And then the country burned.

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A roundtable discussion: Mental health and trauma, 1 year after George Floyd's death

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - May 25, 2020. When first hearing that date, people might not think much about it. But many around the world will never forget the name George Floyd. That was the day he was killed, sparking protests, immense grief, anger and calls for change.

George Floyd's Lasting Impact On Kansas City, As Told By Protesters And Residents

Images of George Floyd in his final moments moved Kansas City, our nation and our world in ways we are just beginning to comprehend. Looking back on the protests at Mill Creek Park in the days following Floyd's murder, KCUR and 41 Action News captured frustration, desperation, heartache and hope.

George Floyd's family to meet with Biden and Harris at White House

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will meet on Tuesday with the family of George Floyd exactly one year after he was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, sparking nationwide protests against racism and police brutality.

Leo Terrell: Biden and the left 'played race card' and lied about George Floyd's death

Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell told " Fox & Friends" on Tuesday that President Biden hosting George Floyd's family at the White House shows how the case was "used to play the race card." BIDEN PLANS TO MEET WITH GEORGE FLOYD'S FAMILY ON ANNIVERSARY OF HIS MURDER LEO TERRELL: We are racially divided.

George Floyd death: How US police are trying to win back trust

It must be hard being a police officer in America, especially after the death of George Floyd. Damn right too, some would argue, given the shocking video of his last moments alive. Patrol woman Brittany Richardson is 34 and a 12-year veteran.

NBA coalition urges passage of George Floyd bill

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder, the NBA social justice coalition called on the U.S. Senate to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act as a way to honor Floyd's memory and other victims of police brutality.

A year after George Floyd's death, America is still grappling with police violence and reform

At 23, Afeni Evans had just gotten out of the Army and was studying political science at a community college in Maryland. Her goal was to someday help craft policy from inside the government.

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  1. The George Floyd murder was a tragedy, it's important that we remember it so we don't repeat the tragedy again.

  2. The lesson should be: We need to live with each other in peace and express our disagreements productively and non violently.

  3. The riots were nothing but a bunch of privileged kids from Overland Park came down to KCMo and threw junk at police with no consequences.

  4. The plaza was destroyed by the riots. It will never recover. Sorry.

  5. Sorry haters, this is a major moment in American history and it will be commemorated for years.

  6. Black

  7. The left loves to idolize criminals and drug addicts. If they die due to a drug overdose and a heart condition while resisting arrest, the left will destroy everything that's good in America to ensure the rest of us are just as miserable as they are. They are mental defectives, psychopaths and malignant narcissists. And we have allowed them to take over, not just this country but many other countries as well. Having said that, the U.S. is the sickest country right now and most European countries are rejecting the wokeism and sick obsession with racism leftists in the U.S. wants to shove down everyone else's throats.

  8. I see some comments that should be deleted. Do better Tk.

  9. I have lived on the plaza 20 years. It's destroyed. Time to move on. It's become woke. This mayor has purposely destroyed our city. Go to the Lake. Its normal. These libtards. Can't stop us from packing up and leaving. PEOPLE ARE ON THE MOVE. The woke cities are the new ghettos.

  10. So sad the plaza was destroyed by BLM.

  11. not nice to say bad things about a dead guy bc for one thing he cant respond (“drug addict”)

    that said, the liturgical year of floyd has renewed. this is wokesters creating a religion for themselves. its all anthro baby. every society puts someone or thing on its throne. everybody worships something. usually ourselves.

  12. I always hate seeing that. "Do Better." Maybe TK is doing better, just because you don't like seeing what is being said doesn't mean it's not, "Better" just means you have thin skin.

    Maybe you need to get, "Better" at getting different opinions.


  13. Insecure Attention Seeking Troll said:

    Biden admin now debating how Police should arrest a suspected criminal-

    A- "when he gives his consent" or B - Not at all

  14. @10:52 AM

    The Plaza was destroyed by Flash Mobs years ago. Last summer was the cherry on top. I haven't been to the Plaza in years. I don't know anyone who has.

  15. Yes, by all means, 11:21, Tony should only allow the comments you approve.

    We have a Negro Leagues museum (which is great, by the way), a Jazz District, and multiple black mayors, council members, etc. Kansas City celebrates it's famous black citizens and bends over backwards to support the black community. Yet, all we hear about is how systemic racism is so prominent in Kansas City. We have to rename parks, streets, and schools named for individuals of a different era, all in the name of not offending the black citizens of Kansas City. I want every black person in Kansas City to thrive. I want them educated, self-sufficient, and happy. I want them to have every opportunity anyone else has, and I think most Kansas City residents, north and south of the river, want the same thing. They don't want to exclude blacks from the American Dream in any way. BLM and the woke left have to push the narrative that this city is racist in order to further their agenda. No one is stopping a black family from moving into any part of this city or taking any job. There isn't a passport system. There are no race-related quotas for working or living in KC, except those that require a certain percentage of minorities. Blacks can move to Johnson County or Clay County and live and thrive wherever they are living. Yet, this city is still considered racist. I thought painting the streets with BLM propaganda and renaming a street after MLK would help? Nope. Now we have to remember and memorialize a criminal thug from Minnesota who acted up during an arrest as some sort of martyr hero. It's sad that anyone is killed while in custody. George Floyd's death should not be celebrated because of its "moment in history," it should be noted that the justice system, whether you believe Chauvin was guilty or not, provided a trial. Unfortunately, that's not enough for BLM. Maybe one day they will drop the agenda and just tell the world what they want. The bottom line. I suspect they won't be happy until those who perpetuated slavery hundreds of years ago are slaves for generations. Will that work? Will that make BLM activists happy? Or how about a check? Will writing a check do it?

  16. I see lots of Lucas shills posting. Do better, TK

  17. Ya, let's make a shrine to a career criminal who held up a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach. Makes perfect sense if you're a democrat.

  18. Actually, it's important that we remember George Floyd and what transpired if only because we need to see that the public won't tolerate that kind of brutality from law enforcement. People just aren't going to take it anymore. And so what you have is a real risk from a couple of bad police officers impacting not just their districts but the whole country

  19. Remember George Floyd. Remember that black lives matter.

    That is all.

  20. Don't agree with the murder of Floyd, thought it was one of the worst things I've ever seen. But I also do not agree with the riots. That was a shameful moment for our country and KC. We could have come together instead of hating one another.

  21. Can't we all just getalong?


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