Kansas City Public Radio Celebrates Progressive Mommy Activists

Check this sprawling essay in praise of Kansas City protest leaders who raise a ruckus on local streets whilst raising their youngsters. 

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The Original Mother's Day Was A Call To Action. Kansas City Moms Still Carry Out That Legacy

Mother's Day is not a Hallmark Holiday. The holiday being celebrated with flowers and cards traces its roots back to a proclamation written by Julia Ward Howe in 1870, urging mothers all over the world to go on strike. Their first order of business: end all war. The proclamation is bold.


  1. This article is funny. These very people are the ones who sat back and watched ANTIFA and BLM burn down cities and kill innocent people including cops. They also watched the biggest act of tyranny this country has ever seen take place and is still taking place over the audits. They sit back and watch our speech be taken from us and jobs close down all in the name of foreign dependency and globalism. So what they are preaching is the very thing they support, and that is division. These aren't moms, these are whining idiots who don't have a clue. Do they think the country is going to come together? NO that's not going to happen, it's going to get worse and these people have caused it. We will NEVER forget!!!!!

  2. Want some whine with your rants?

  3. It's all libs do is whine, whine, whine. They're the best at it.

  4. I read the article. It goes from moms seeking to end war to a local activist fighting evictions. Both aims are naive at best. Many mothers likely, directly or indirectly, own rental property. What of their needs? Are they supposed to be impoverished due to the laxity of their tenants? What childish nonsense.

  5. Wars are still ongoing, so are Evictions - guess Hallmark is the winner here after all.

  6. Always suspected Moms were more than libs but Straight Edge Punk Anarchist. The pajama blouse under a blue jean jacket at the drive thru is a clear indication that these women aren't fucking around. The way KCPD goes out of their way to say something snarky to them at City Hall show if mom will stand up to Tom Pederast they'll call out any CEO who runs this dirty little river town and only has to live here two weeks a year to do it.


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