Kansas City Protester Greatest Hits Well Remembered

About a year ago hapless Kansas City protesters burned a tiny stagecoach in the middle of Westport and vandalized an old school Irish bar because they didn't understand the history of local immigration and/or the working-class golden rule of this cowtown . . . 

Don't bother people when they're drinking.

This is an important social code given that recent research tells us that even a drop of booze causes brain damage . . . So just imagine the mental state of Midtown denizens having one of their regular weekend drunks.

Anyhoo . . . 

The Westport temper tantrum was one of many low points of 2020 protest and inspired most people to stop taking the local struggle for "social justice" seriously.

Nevertheless . . .

Progressive public radio is playing the protest greatest hits and offering this retrospective . . . Check-it:

One Year After George Floyd's Murder, Kansas City Protesters Say The Fear Hasn't Gone Away

Philip Irwin is angry at police. The 68-year-old attended a protest in Westport on July 25, 2020, two months after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police. Nearly a year later, his outrage hasn't subsided. "I think I've gotten more angry, less tolerant," Irwin says. "I go almost everywhere, I carry my camera, my GoPro.