Kansas City Police Union Push Back Against Mayor Q Defund

This public post from the Kansas City Fraternal Order Of Police deserves a second look if only because the numbers they're claiming are even bigger than what has been reported AND they're also lamenting rising crime on their watch.

Here's the world . . .

"Bold move by some to intentionally defund the Kansas City Police Department by 54 million dollars in just three weeks. The equivalent of 450 positions will need to be cut if that decision isn’t reversed.

"Businesses are looking to find a place to settle and people are searching for a place to raise families. In the middle of all of that Kansas City is one of the most violent in the country and 9 people voted to strip 54 million from a budget needed to protect our citizens.
"Defunding police departments has become popular in major cities, but so has rising violent crime and citizens moving out of those cities. Most cities in our metro are growing and hiring officers, on the other hand Kansas City chose to ignore tax payers’ needs. In a world where defunding polls at about 12 percent, ignoring 88 percent of the rest of the city can’t be good for re-elections."


Check the links . . .

KCPD budget debate: Where will community engagement money be spent?

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Ever since a supermajority of Kansas City's city council members passed two ordinances Thursday to reallocate a portion of the police budget, opponents have expressed concern it that it will lead to fewer officers in patrol or investigations.

Missouri Republicans Take Aim At Kansas City Mayor's New Police Budget Plan

Some Missouri Republicans, including Gov. Mike Parson, are criticizing Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas's new police budget plan as "defunding the police" and said they are working on upending it. At least one Kansas City-area Republican said he has asked the governor for a special session in hopes of swatting the plan down.

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  1. Keep the police. Dump the mayor.


    Voting to defund the police while your City is setting homicide records and the County Prosecutor routinely dismisses charges against violators is a clear sign of low IQ, purposeful sabotage, mental insanity, or a combination thereof!!!

  3. Dandy Randy5/25/21, 9:57 AM

    police just want their money and their toys.

    They don't care about reform.

  4. Make Crime Illegal Again5/25/21, 10:21 AM

    Dandy Randy, that's about as stupid a comment we I have seen on here.

  5. KC needs more cops5/25/21, 10:34 AM

    If you want safe streets, support the police.

  6. Lots of shilling for the cops. They need to be accountable like everyone else. That is the truth. Too bad they don't want to obey the rules. If they didn't do anything wrong, they have nothing to fear.

    They also need to live in city limits or give up all their credibility.

  7. Quinton really cycled this whole thing up.

  8. it is possible that the only thing honest in FOP’s statement is “9 people voted”

    not that i agree with the mayor and councils move. but i do consider the source. also if the force is comprised of non residents that will weaken FOPs clout in the low turnout muni elections.

  9. ^^^^

    Excellent point.

  10. The people have a right to protest and maybe it was time to make a legal challenge.

    I am proud of my mayor and I am hoping that he wins in court.


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