KCPD Stays Losing Cops

The ranks of Kansas City po-po are shrinking as violence continues to spike and the culture shifts after anti-law-enforcement riots rocked the nation.

A glmpse at the damage . . .

"The number of police trained and on patrol in Kansas City is decreasing at a rate of about 8.5 officers a month. The accelerating decline is causing some to sound alarms that the department could wind up staffed at levels from 30 years ago."

Reality check: Officers are voting with their feet. Police giving up on their careers signals a historic change in American culture that will undoubtedly have consequences on the future of public safety in Kansas City and across the nation.

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Most Wanted In Kansas City: More Police Recruits

The math behind the tsunami of change hurtling toward the Kansas City Police Department is simple. There's a lot to do and not enough officers to handle it. Calls for service, including 911 pleas for help from the public, were up 15% during April.