Kansas City Police Budget Court Fight Coming Soon!!!

As so many local news watchers predicted, this slap fight over police funding now heads to court. Here's a peek at today's dueling headlines wherein the police board pushes back against the mayor and threatens a TOTAL BUDGET TAKEOVER . . .

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Kansas City police board votes to 'initiate litigation' in latest battle for control of KCPD budget

According to meeting minutes released Tuesday morning, the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners voted 3-1 in a closed session to "authorize the initiation of litigation" after city hall budget changes reallocated $42 million from the Kansas City Police Department's budget.The minutes say the board voted "to enforce the board's rights, responsibilities, and authorities under Chapter 84 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri in such form as the litigation committee may deem appropriate."

Plan to change the way Kansas City's police department is funded draws community support

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A day after Kansas City's Police Board voted to explore legal action in response to new ordinances changing police funding, the ordinances gain community support.

Kansas City Police Board Will Consider Legal Action To Keep Total Control Of Police Budget

The Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners has voted to seek legal redress against a plan by one of its own members who is trying to get more local control of the police department and move away from state hands.

Control of KCPD could pose unique legal battle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City-area law professors are weighing in on a possible legal battle between the City and the Board of Police Commissioners. During Monday's BOPC closed executive session, commissioners voted, 3-1, to establish a committee to explore a potential lawsuit to prevent the recently enacted police funding reform.

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  1. They should put it to a vote. That's the only way to have the right decision on local control.

  2. Q will lose in court. He's not a real lawyer.

  3. I support the police. Defunding the police is a dumb idea. Yes, I live in the 3rd District and I am a voter. Quinton will never get my vote again.

  4. My mayor is doing the right thing. Watch and wait. The court will decide that the voters will get the final say. Thank you Quinton for standing up!

  5. Wow. The comments aren't as shitty.

    I like it.

    Also, There needs to be accountability. This is the right thing to do.

  6. ^^^ There is accountability now. There is local control. Most KC voters support the police board.

  7. Rural Juror5/25/21, 6:32 PM

    Better title: Quinton goes to court.

  8. Mayor McKneely is trying to create a path to the KCPD retirement fund. KCMO is broke and needs money.

  9. ^^^ dumb comment. The mayor has 8 major civil rights organizations behind him. There is a lot of support for what he's doing. Whereas you probably live in the suburbs of Johnson County.

  10. Defund city hall.

  11. Agree with the first comment. This is an issue that should be decided by the voters. KC needs to have an election just like St. Louis did. Let the people have the last word.

  12. This is how Kansas City goes bankrupt.


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