Kansas City Pizza Proves Deadly

Tragic story about rampant crime and the horrific impact on local families . . . Read more:

Family mourning loss of Kansas City father gunned down while picking up pizza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Family tells FOX4 a Kansas City father shot and killed Wednesday night was picking up a pizza when the shooting happened. Police say the shooting happened inside a Domino's around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday near 49th and Blue Parkway.


  1. I just realized.

    God you're a ghoul.

    you love posting everything you can about anything and everything that goes bad or wrong. someone who gets shot. another who gets killed. the football team that loses. the baseball team. the soccer team.

    as long as it's local you love it.

    you love sh*tting all over your hometown.

    I'll never get it. other than the sensationalism for your blog.

    you're a ghoul.


    and you're not remotely embarrassed.

    1. Let's not report anything bad you guys!

  2. That's why you want your pizza delivered in KCMO !

  3. Who in their right mind would shop at Shops at Blue Parkway, a haven for crime and violence. No thank you. Better life choices... at this point the only choice to be made is funeral choices. I hate driving through there - no way I’d actually stop to patronize the shops.

  4. Mayor,

    It's not Tony's fault your City is setting murder records. That's on you buddy.

  5. ^^^^ +100000000

    The reason he won’t say anything to “his people” is he’s afraid he’ll lose votes, that’s what black peoples lives have evolved into, votes.

    He’s not bothered by the murders at all because any dimwit running for office will be getting dead peoples votes for eternity.

  6. This, like every similar event, was not a "shooting that happened".
    It was a crime committed by a destructive loser with no respect for himself, others, or even human life.
    And "the community" and its self-appointed "leaders" need to get these people off the streets.
    All the tired excuses have long been ignored by the public and blaming everyone other than the perpetrators has gotten tiresome too.
    Only the Star, KCUR, and the Pitch regurgitate that crap.
    Round up the usual suspects and put them on the job in their own community.
    Time to suit up Gwen, Justus, Stacy, and the rest of the gang!

  7. Defund the police, fuck12, acab...blm.

  8. Did the murderer get the pizza?

  9. Is this the first murder on Martin Luther King Blvd?

  10. Nine unarmed blacks killed by cops in one year in the U.S. Nearly 20 unarmed whites killed by cops in one year. Doesn't mean they weren't trying to reach for the cop's gun or beat the hell out of him/her. But more than 9,000 black men killed in one year. More than 90% killed by other black men. And yet the Libtard media and politicians only focus your attention on the crux of the first stat.

  11. They use the term "father" of two, not "husband", and as I read it, he was picking up pizza for a "girlfriend" an "her" two children.

    Where was the "mother" of "his" two kids? And was she a "wife" or another "girlfriend".

    So, another absentee father?

  12. Sound like the Mfer got out of hand. Probably wanted some cash and a free pizza. Seen their scam many times. Sometimes you win , sometimes you get shot. I bet he was on his way to church and to teach all the children that looked up to him.


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