Kansas City Movie Theater COVID Comeback

A tough pitch for local grindhouses . . . Making people believe that watching garbage with strangers is better than pretending to watch the same tripe at home in sweatpants whilst stalking frenemies via social media.

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Kansas City movie theaters banking on a comeback as more films release in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. - the world's largest theater operator - to close all of its roughly 1,000 locations last year. The squeeze forced the Leawood-based company to furlough employees, from concessions workers to the CEO, and to scramble for months to avoid running out of cash.


  1. With the division in this country and the nasty Hollywood actors it's going to be interesting who supports going to see their movies. The pandemic may be letting up on some things like going to the movie but the hatred of what those people have done to our country will never go away.

  2. I will only watch movies free on TV. Why would anyone pay good money for the trash they produce nowadays?

  3. ^^Because we can grammy. We have the cash. We don't eat cat food 24/7 like you do. Broke-ass bitch.

    1. No, you eat welfare bananas Chimpy! Lolol


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