Kansas City Monday Quick Clips

Just a few local videos we're checking to star the morning . . .

Mainstream view . . .

KC BBQ On Ellen

"This week on "OMKalen," Kalen celebrates National BBQ Month as his tastebuds are put to the test to see if this Kansas City native knows his BBQ! Kansas City is known as the BBQ Capital of the World, and each local spot has its own unique BBQ flair. Will Kalen be able to guess which plate belongs to which of three popular BBQ establishments? Will he have to take a sip of the “mystery liquid” to wash it down?! Check it out now to find out!"

Activists Bother KCPD

Youtubers pester po-po for clicks.

Kansas City Heckling

Comic shares cowtown crowdwork.

You decide . . .


  1. douchebags with a camera who just want to start an incident....whiny little babies


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