Kansas City Mayor Q Demands Gun Limits

Rather than enforce laws already on the books and/or support police . . . The Mayor is joining partisan push back against the Jeff City GOP and working to shift blame for the local slaughter on Republicans.

Meanwhile, many parts of rural Missouri are armed to the teeth and also coping with poverty and drug addiction just like the urban core but don't confront the same rate of homicide.

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'This is life and death': Kansas City mayor says state should let city act on gun laws

On Friday, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas noted that for six years Missouri cities have been prevented from enacting their own gun control measures, something he said hamstrings him in addressing the shootings and killings that plague the city.


  1. Gun control and defund the police? Only a Democrat could be that stupid.

  2. Felons in possession of a firearm, already illegal.

    Strawman gun purchases, already illegal.

    The use of a firearm while committing a crime, already illegal with sentencing enhancements.

    The only two potential changing to firearm regs that might help are universal background checks (gun show loophole) and better ghost gun regs (assemble it yourself), and neither of those can be enacted or useful on a municipal level.

    The logical fallacy of Lucas' aurgument is astounding. We need more laws (which criminals don't follow) on a local level (which doesn't work when the next town is literally touching ours) in order to prevent crime (which is a function of intent and not tool).


  3. That's just what the state should do is let Q and these idiots on the council control things they've done so well with all the other things in the city!

  4. Acceptance of Welfare should require sterilization. In 20 years this would cut the murder rate by lessening the population that perpetrates most of the violence.

  5. If you want to do something about gun crime in KC, implement stop and frisk like they did in New York. And when you find some young urban scholar-felon with an illegal gun, prosecute him to fullest extent of the law. That is how you cut down gun crime in urban areas.

  6. I you want gun control in KC then legalize coon hunting. That’s where your problem guns are.

  7. From the BLM manifesto: We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement....

    How many of the disrupted Western prescribed nuclear family members are carrying guns? How many young men who grow up in two parent households are carrying guns?

  8. Mayor McDrinkerson trying his best to look functional and competent! How funny.

    Listen, Mayor McYogapants. The problem is not guns or gun laws. The problem is almost exclusively limited to a narrow segment of the population and because of your cowardice you can't even mention it.

    Let's start by actually prosecuting crime. What an idea!

  9. United We Stand5/4/21, 11:43 AM

    Lucas is too fucking stupid to understand real gun control. Like Super Dave said on another site, a 13 year old with a gun at 2am isn't a gun issue, it's a parental issue.
    Lucas has all the laws he needs to address the issue and he won't. The real reason he won't is due to the fact he would be overseeing the mass arrests of black people and lose the black vote if he did enforce the current laws. He wants to waste time making up new laws and use it to time a run for a higher office thinking the masses will vote for him because it makes him look like he is doing something.

  10. Says the guy with an armed security detail.

    Jean Petersucker Baker is a big part of the problem. Period.

  11. Lucas thinks he can pressure the legislature if he gets enough media support. What he fails to realize is that the legislature, with their vast majority, doesn't give a damn about the media.

    They actually view it as a success when the media howls . . . something to laugh about over a few drinks

  12. Any initiatives that Lucas wants would likely be invalidated by the Supreme Court. They are taking up cases focused on municipal shall / may issue CCW regulations and local handgun bans, and most signs point to them being invalidated.

    There are a few common sense things that we can do as a nation including universal background checks and ghost gun regulations, but neither of these work on anything less than a federal level... and let's face it, with 400 million guns already in circulations, that horse is already out of the barn.

  13. Pardon me if I laugh next time a nigger gets shot while doing a home invasion.

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  15. Oh my God is this a stupid man! And he is a professor? Anyone knows it's federal state county local that's the order you can't jump line. Just because you want to. If he wants to change laws maybe he should run for a state representative position. But I guess it's easier just to wag his magic finger and make everything better. It's such an insult to the basic rules of law. What a shame what an embarrassment to our city.

  16. 10:38 background checks are required at gun shows, that’s a lie spread by the left so.....

    There is no such thing as a ghost gun, that’s a made up word from a California dimwit politician from way back in 2014. 80% lowers are not off the shelf ready to be put together, they still need to be machined and joe smo can’t complete an 80% will out machining the parts, that requires expensive machines to complete. When the lower is machined it is a requirement to have it serialized which doesn’t really do anything since most states don’t register non NFA items anymore.

  17. Actually, given the abysmal performance and results from the issues and services KCMO city government is CURRENTLY responsible for, the state legislature should start ELIMINATING some of their powers.
    Maybe state oversight could even improve the conditions of the streets.
    Lucas should be careful what he wishes for.

  18. Gun laws are on the books already and not enforced by the Democrats who always bring “gun control” as an issue. More virtue signaling by Q who sincerely believes KC voters are stupid. Hey Quinton, STFU, fix the potholes. You want gun control go round up the illegal ones. Give the rest of us a break from your stupidity.


  19. BLACKS




  20. Mayor Q may make demands but until he gets his own people under control he had better keep his racist big mouth shut about guns.

    His comment about life and death shows his ignorance. Lucas lets talk about life and death you racist moron.

  21. Loved watching the footage of the BLMers aka sad group of unemployed losers, turn tail in Louisville last night. Gun was drawn and they ran in the other direction.


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