Today's controversy at city hall was dutifully reported as a "reallocation" effort from Mayor Quinton Lucas by MSM. Meanwhile, critics claim that it's nothing less than a scheme to defund the police.

A press conference opposing the proposal from Northland leaders was completely overlooked.

Meanwhile, the response from the KCPD Chief is measured and of focuses on further discussion:

“I am disheartened Mayor Lucas and the other sponsoring council members did not reach out to the Police Department prior to today’s press conference to notify us of such a policy shift. As a member of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Mayor meets monthly with other Board members, Department members and the public. At these meetings, we discuss performance and statistics from each bureau, including crime, budgets, policy and other matters. The Mayor and the other sponsoring council members have not previously mentioned this proposal, so our discussions about it are just beginning.”

Meanwhile . . .


Add reactionary right-wing voices into the mix and the discussion over city hall funding becomes even more unproductive and accusatory.

What we learned today is that Mayor Quinton didn't seek a consensus on this effort and instead offers a bold pronouncement. In the past he has tried this same tactic only to quietly back down later. To be fair, in this instance he likely has a block of votes to push through his plan.

Already after a tidal wave of social media criticism, the mayor is cautiously stepping back and attempting to calm critics . . . His latest tweet just moments ago offers further explanation and claims his power move is merely a funding reallocation.

Here's even more reassurance as city hall is getting eviscerated this afternoon for this proposal . . .

"Our plan does not defund. It seeks collaboration. It does not ignore the need for police, but it also does not ignore the root causes we must work hard to address. And, working together, it funds a new recruit class while making sure we focus holistically on safety. More ahead."

Per ushe, the mayor attempts to deflect any criticism by retreating into legalese and allowing outraged critics to stumble over themselves.

For right now, here's a glimpse at today's coverage . . .

Mayor Lucas announces redirection of KCPD funding toward community efforts

New ordinances announced today by Mayor Quinton Lucas will redirect some of the funding the Kansas City Police Department typically receives toward community efforts. // Image courtesy of Mayor Quinton Lucas Mayor Quinton Lucas and local officials are combining efforts to hold Kansas City police financially accountable and redirect some of the funding they typically receive.

Kansas City Mayor Lucas proposes reallocation of KCPD budget to community efforts

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced Thursday two pieces of legislation that he says will "vastly increase accountability for the Kansas City Police Department, enhance police-community relations, and make Kansas City safer."According to Lucas, the ordinances would amend the Kansas City FY 21-22 budget to fund the Kansas City Police

Kansas City mayor announces proposal to change police department funding, create new community fund

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas introduced two ordinances that will partially defund the city's police department and establish a new Community Services and Prevention Fund. The majority of the members of the city council helped co-author the legislation. The mayor said the plan will increase accountability for the Kansas City Police Department.

Kansas City Mayor And Council Seek Local Control Of Police Budget

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas introduced a plan Thursday that would reallocate the police department's budget, giving local leaders more authority to spend money on crime prevention, mental health services and the root causes of violent crime.

Kansas City council members, KCPD chief respond to mayor's plan to change police funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Members of the city council and the Kansas City police chief are speaking out on two new ordinances Mayor Quinton Lucas introduced Thursday afternoon that would make big changes to police funding. According to the mayor's office, the majority of city council members helped co-author the legislation, but four council members were not involved in the ordinances.

Lucas proposes minimum funding for local police; KCPD chief says department wasn't notified

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/AP) -- Mayor Quinton Lucas and eight city councilmembers on Thursday morning proposed an ordinance that would reduce funding for Kansas City police to the minimum amount allowed by law, saying they would like to divert much of that money to the city's Community Services and Prevention Fund.

Mayor seeks to increase KCPD accountability through budget amendment

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has introduced two pieces of legislation to increase accountability for the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), to enhance police-community relations, and to make Kansas City safer.

Developing . . .