Kansas City Mayor & Council Launch Homeless Housing Department Without Any Input From Neighborhoods

Stakeholders and homeowners were once again COMPLETELY EXCLUDED from this conversation as 12th & Oak would much rather deal with protesters than taxpayers.

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Kansas City approves creation of new housing department

The Kansas City council voted Thursday to approve creating a new Housing and Community Development Department.The department will deal with tenant advocacy, homelessness prevention and support, affordable housing preservation and creation, and overall community development.


  1. It’s pretty sad that they’re taking credit for this when there was already programs to deal with this shit to begin with. Making shit up to look good by saying look at what I just did because most people don’t know or have no need for such programs to begin with.

    It’s kinda like they suddenly created panhandler laws when they already existed, mayor mcdumbo and his childish thinking wouldn’t let the police deal with these idiots in the first place and to make himself look good he pretends to make a new rule that was always there.

  2. Isn't there already a Federal Community Development Department for this type of bullshit.

  3. Just another example of creating an unaccountable bureaucracy to be filled by make-work jobs for the usual grifters and insiders.
    What ever became of the city's recently passed "budget"?
    Spending money without the slightest idea of how things work, making adjustments and considering new programs where needed, making sure current programs at various levels are not being replicated, and eliminating spending that's not achieving the desired and required results.
    Amateur night on the plains.

  4. Good job Q! You just got the city another lawsuit LOL!

  5. Big mistake to let the community development hustlers in the door. They are worse than the economic development hustlers.

  6. excellent .... 8:11

  7. This is such a retarded idea. Glad JoCo exists


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