Kansas City LGBT Inclusion & Growing Community Stays Winning

Whilst the pandemic has created distance amongst a great many people, here's a peek one local community working to strengthen their connections.

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Founded in 2017, KCCI provides safe, inclusive LGBTQIA+ community spaces where people can come for education, resources, and activities, as well as support from a more cohesive queer community in the greater Kansas City area. As the city’s only LGTBQIA+ resource center, they work to ensure that our population and its allies have access to the necessary materials and services they need.

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KC Cares: Kansas City Center for Inclusion

Youth Royalty Court 2019. // Photo by Simms Photos Over a plate of pancakes, a close friend of mine informed me they used to get HIV testing at a hospital through their primary care doctor. After testing, they were slapped with a bill of $750 just to pay for their exam.