Kansas City Latinx Coffee In The Crossroads

As we've mentioned frequently . . .

Most Latinos DESPISE the term Latinx. There is empirical proof to back up this statement.

However, the trendy moniker is more likely used among younger people.

And, given that the Crossroads remains the trendiest spot in this cowtown and despite the pandemic . . . I'm sure the term will get tossed around here by white-lady progressives who hope to overcome racial discrimination by way of constantly identifying and "celebrating" racial differences.

To be fair, beyond the politics, the coffee and snacks are pretty good . . .

Java-lert! Café Corazón Is Coming to the Crossroads - In Kansas City

Wondering what that new space is on the corner of Southwest Boulevard and Baltimore? It will soon house Café Corazón's second location. The popular Latin American-tinged coffeehouse is set to open their newest digs in the next couple of months. We caught up with owners Miel and Curtis Castagna about their buzzy (and buzz-inducing) new...


  1. Good lets not focus on BLM only and focus on everyone. Those who are legal of course.

  2. If "Latinx" is unpopular, let's use "Beanx"!


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