Kansas City Jewish Community Speaks Out After Israeli Flag Destruction On Country Club Plaza

A crisis in the Middle-East sparked local outrage, a rise in antisemitism around the world and property damage in Kansas City's premiere entertainment district. 

Accordingly, pause to note recent reaction . . .

From the KC Jewish Chronicle after recent protest . . .

Kansas City Jewish Community Relations Bureau|AJC statement issued a statement supporting the right to peacefully protest but said it was “horrified by the destruction of the Israeli flag at the protest on the Plaza … and will work to ensure it is replaced swiftly.” 

 The JCRB|AJC statement also said, “Our hearts are breaking for our brothers and sisters in Israel who are once again the victims of rocket attacks that specifically target civilians. Our hearts also break for the citizens of Gaza.” 

Agency officials added: “There are no winners when people die and terror rains down from the skies.”

Accordingly, here's a quick round-up of the ongoing hot mess that resonates in the States . .

Demonstrations Renewed

Protests in support of Palestinians expected across the United States

Protesters are expected to rally in cities across the United States this weekend in support of Palestinians, as Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire ending days of destruction and bloodshed.

American Reckoning?!?!

Jewish-Americans are at a turning point with Israel | Arielle Angel

n Nakba Day, 15 May, amid the outbreak of war in Israel/Palestine, I attended a rally in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, to commemorate the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from the new Israeli state in 1948, and to protest against the oppression of the Palestinian people in the land between the river and the sea.

Faith-Based Attacks Alleged

Anti-Semitic attacks are being reported in US cities as tensions flair over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Several Jewish people have been attacked in cities across the United States this week.


With Iranian Help, Hamas Builds 'Made in Gaza' Rockets and Drones to Target Israel

Over the past 10 days, Palestinian militants have unleashed one of the most intense attacks on Israel in decades, firing more than 4,000 short-range rockets and deploying a new, explosive drone intended to evade the country's Iron Dome air-defense system.

Prez Biden Offers Solutions

Can Biden broker Israel-Palestinians peace?

Missiles traded by Israel and Palestinian militants. Death and destruction in the long impoverished Gaza Strip. Terror on Israeli streets as rockets light up the night sky. And an eventual cease-fire that calms the violence - until it flares up again next time.

Coordinated Hateration

Militia-like pro-Palestinian gangs attack Jews across US, West - analysis

Attacks on Jews from London to California now appear to be a series of systematic assaults by groups of far-right style pro-Palestinian men organized in militia-like groups. They have included convoys of cars calling on people to rape Jewish women and targeted attacks on Jews eating dinner or working in areas known to have high levels of Jews.

Plea To Prez

Jewish American groups appeal to Biden White House after string of antisemitic attacks related to Israel

Several of the most prominent U.S. Jewish organizations appealed Friday to the Biden White House to take measures to combat antisemitism after a string of attacks on Jews across the country related to the Mideast conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Developing . . .