Kansas City Illuminated This Weekend

The warmer weather has sparked violence, shooting and increasing local hostilities as of late. However, as always, there's another side to Kansas City.

Accordingly, here's an EXCEPTIONAL write-up that offers a glimpse at this cowtown's architectural and community history that hopefully inspires our community to do better . . . Read more:

Let there be light beams! Frank Lloyd Wright church light cannons will rise again this weekend

The light beams affixed to the roof of Frank Lloyd Wright's Community Christian Church on the Plaza/Photo by Chris Mullins Two decades after their glory days, Frank Lloyd Wright church's iconic light beams will rise again this Saturday. Community Christian Church on the east end of the Country Club Plaza has installed four brand-new xenon light cannons with the help...


  1. Wouldn't black lights be more trendy?


  2. Frank did not even like the building by the end.

  3. Fun fact, FLW was unhappy with cost-saving measures instituted during construction, and the failure to install the lights was the final straw for him. Until his death, he disavowed any ownership of the design.

  4. To see an example of a church as FLW really envisioned it, check out Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL. It's an amazing and dramatic facility.

  5. THAT is how a steeple is used to create impressive interior and exterior spaces.


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