Kansas City Holding Po-Po 'Hostage' Seyz Police Union

It's important to understand every facet of this debate over police funding, accordingly, here's the latest note from the Kansas City Fraternal Order Of Police and how they view the situation in their own words via social media public post . . . Check-it . . .

"Some in the media refuse to actually ask real questions about local control and how 9 people chose to ignore almost half of the city. Instead they chose to defund policing. 
"Mayor Lucas has stated that the status quo is killing Kansas City, placing the killings on our members. Police aren’t causing the deaths, we don’t commit the crimes nor do we create our own budgets. He sits on the BOPC but has ignored the fact that he voted for the budget just a couple of weeks ago. 49 of the top 50 most violent cities are all locally controlled. The last city to leave state control, St. Louis, moved to the top of the most violent city list the year after local control became a reality. 
"Eight council members voted with the mayor to defund policing in Kansas City by just over 54 million dollars. The mayor made public statements that there is enough money to operate the department until January. I’m sure that is a relief to those working here since our budget year doesn’t end until April 30th. 
"The city took the unheard of step to use our members’ lives and families as hostage. In just a few short months this budget fight will cost jobs and force our membership to change plans when it comes to how they pay their bills. 
"While defunding police hovers around 12 percent favorability, 9 politicians sided with unlawful activities and those who would ignore the safety of our city. Much like other failed attempts across the country. 
"We must take a position against defunding. Positions against the 9 people who are trying to make police the enemy. The FOP will continue to work with those who support law enforcement and completely funding our department.

You decide . . .