Kansas City Hipsters: Weddings So White

Marriage is racist.

Or at least that's what local activists claim whilst clamoring about the implicit bias of a fading institution.

Whatever the case . . . The "racism of the wedding industry" provides one more excuse to delay, avoid and stall nuptials for clever denizens of the Nextgen . . . Kinda like pretending to care about blood diamonds.

In any event . . . Check the argument and realize that marriage is for haterz along with being a total social engineering scam . . . Read more:

The wedding industry sells itself with diversity. So why are professional opportunities whitewashed?

There is a surprising absence of Black people's true spirit within our own wedding ceremonies. This contrasts the contributions the Black community makes with our take on the Western wedding. For the most part, the Black community follows the "traditional" European blueprint, with possible regional flares here and there.