Kansas City Hipsters Trust Street Fix Promises

Every KCMO mayoral administration for the past 25 years has made this same pledge. And yet local roads are worse than they've ever been . . . Accordingly, here's more deets on presser hype:

New roadwork plan doubles efforts toward repairing the city's sinking streets

Kansas City is doubling its budget toward filling the holes and cracks of its streets. // Image courtesy of KCMO.gov Kansas City is allocating a lot more toward its occasionally sinking streets as part of the city's new roadwork budget. The budget doubles the city's spending on roadwork needs like filling cracks and maintaining surfaces, as well as ramping up...


  1. Kansas City solves the bad street problem by doubling the budget. Could the bad crime problem be solved by doubling the Police budget? Maybe a raise would attract better police officers?

  2. The city's 'alternative' newspaper? Might as well be the Star, giving mouth jobs to City Hall in one of the most corrupt and badly run cities in the country. Way to speak truth to power, there, guys

  3. The effectiveness of any program might be expressed as the budget times competence, oversight, and accountability.
    In KCMO there is none of the latter.
    So doubling the budget times ZERO yields the same result as before.
    Time after time after time.
    Perhaps some serious adults at city hall could figure this out.
    If only there were any.

  4. talking about road repairs not the fraud at Long Island Con Edison


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