Kansas City Health Department Seyz Ur Old & Racist!!!

Inspired by the legacy of hottie Denise, we share a perspective on local mortality, health and social justice. 

Check a local initiate hoping lengthen and/or shorten local lives . . . It's unclear which one would be more equitable . . .  

The KCMO Plan . . .

- Invest in robust public health and prevention infrastructure;

- Ensure equitable access to safe and affordable housing;

- Support trauma-informed and funded education;

- Support the implementation of Medicaid expansion;

- Support violence prevention strategies; and

- Improve equity in resources, testing, and vaccinations for COVID-19

Money line . . .

“This new 5-year plan will continue to put action to combating racism by focusing on the root causes and making significant institutional changes that promote anti-racism,” Councilwoman Ryanna Parks Shaw said.

Old biddies must bow to equity . . . Or die?!?

"The average life expectancy around Brookside Boulevard is more than 86 years old, but just 7 miles away around Cleveland Avenue, the average life expectancy is just 68 years."

Read more as KCMO works to govern your old age . . . And possibly beyond . . .

Health department to tackle racism to improve health, living conditions in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's Health Department and Health Commission will take steps to improve quality of life in some of the poorest areas of town. City council members approved an ordinance Thursday to endorse the Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP.