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Kansas City Stars Still Shine For Charity

Big Slick KC to host virtual talent show fundraiser for Children's Mercy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Big Slick KC is back again in 2021 with a new type of fundraiser to support Children's Mercy Hospital. Big Slick KC is usually a weekend full of events that benefit the hospital, especially focusing on eradicating childhood cancer and pediatric medicine.

Popstar Plans KC Comeback

Justin Bieber's bringing his rescheduled Justice World Tour to KC's T-Mobile Center next May

Matt Sayles SOURCE: Matt Sayles Justin Bieber is bringing his rescheduled Justice World Tour to Kansas City's T-Mobile Center next May.The tour was supposed to kick off this summer but because of varying state COVID-19 restrictions, the tour has been moved to 2022.

JoCo Vaxx Steps Up

Johnson County: More than 30% of residents fully vaccinated against COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 30% of Johnson County residents are fully vaccinated, according to a new COVID-19 vaccine database. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment on Wednesday announced that its COVID-19 dashboard now provides vaccination data, including the number of eligible residents to receive a shot, as well as breakdowns by geographic and demographic information.

Starlet Fashion Statement

Salma Hayek Sparks Reaction With Tattooed Tank Top Selfie

Salma Hayek is getting called "crazy" as a tattooed tank top selfie crouch stuns her 17.8 million Instagram followers. The Hollywood superstar, 54, has been ramping up the promo for her various 2021 releases on social media, with this year proving mighty busy for the Mexican as she features in MCU movie The Eternals, Amazon Prime Video flick Bliss, and The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard.

Protecting The Vaxx

Covid vaccine makers' shares seesaw after Biden administration says it will back patent waivers

Shares of Covid vaccine makers seesawed Thursday after the Biden administration said it would back a motion before the World Trade Organization to waive patent protections of the mRNA technology used to make the shots. Pfizer fell Thursday by as much as 5% from Wednesday's close while Moderna dipped by almost 12% before both stocks recovered most of those losses.

Prez Trump Rises Again?!?

Pollster Frank Luntz: 'I would bet on' Trump being 2024 GOP nominee

Veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz says that former "could never win" the 2024 general election, but that he "would bet on" Trump to be the GOP nominee. "If Donald Trump runs for president as a Republican, he's the odds-on favorite to win the nomination," Luntz said during an appearance on The New York Times podcast "Sway" released Thursday.

Progressives Denounce Caitlyn

Jenner has hangar pains after Hannity interview

OAKLAND - Move over French Laundry, there's a new social media obsession: Hangar Guy. GOP recall candidate Caitlyn Jenner may have played right into Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom's hands when she lamented on Fox News that a neighboring private plane owner at her airport hangar is abandoning California because he "can't take" seeing homeless people anymore.

China Power Play

China's carbon pollution now surpasses all developed countries combined

Carbon pollution from China's bustling, coal-intensive economy last year outstripped the carbon pollution of the US, the EU, and other developed nations combined, making up a whopping 27 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. As China's economy has grown in the last 30 years, so too have its emissions.

Stars Under Protection

Kardashians drop $37M to build compound on Britney Spears' old property: report

A $37 million property once home to Britney Spears is saying "Hit me baby one more time" - this time, to the Kardashian family. Just before Christmas, Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner purchased neighboring lots for custom homes in Hidden Hills, the upscale LA enclave where they and their famous friends have settled in recent years.

Locals Send Love Amid COVID

As India battles with COVID-19 crisis, Kansas City group raises funds for relief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - India set new records once again Thursday, with more than 400,000 new cases of COVID-19 and nearly 4,000 deaths as a second wave hits the country. The crisis is being felt here locally where people of Indian descent have family now trapped in the nation whose healthcare system is crumbling.

Police Testimony

Kansas City police officer shot in the head talks about his recovery, new outlook

After months of recovery, police Officer Tyler Moss is back at work and was the guest of honor at a lunch Thursday afternoon."Just thankful for everyone that saved my life," Moss said.Moss said that he has a lot of people to thank."The sergeant that drove me to the hospital, the surgeons, the doctors at Truman," he said.Moss was shot in the head while responding to a disturbance call July 2 near 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard.

Armed With Creativity

Artisan creates beautiful jewelry from spent bullets

Designing and creating jewelry was not always something Joanne Parks imagined doing as a business, but through a series of events her unique jewelry business bloomed. Joanne Parks is the owner of BOLO Boutique and specializes in handcrafted jewelry pieces made from spent bullets.

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  1. Those are shells, not bullets..


  2. They had a vaccination set up in Hy-Vee and not one person was getting a shot.

    Trump needs to be put into the white house now not in 2024. The election was stolen Biden CNN and Pelosi admitted it, and were caught saying they stole it, plus there is an audit going on in AZ and the democrats are so scared of the results they have done everything in their power to stop it and not let the auditors have what they need. Same is going on in other states that are getting ready to audit. If the democrats think we are going to sit back and wait until 2024 they are mistaken. We aren't stopping and we aren't going to go away. Trouble is coming you can count on it.

  3. And yet you are full of shit, and you might want to stop with the royal "we." Weird.

  4. Uhhh @5:06... the "trouble" you speak of already came, back on January 6th, remember?
    A bunch ofyou nitwits actually DID what your Beloved Leader told you to do, and suddenly you discovered that you had absolutely no support in your deluded fantasies from the vast majority of the American People.

    And not even any support from your "Beloved Leader" who, after saying publicly "I'll be there with you", ran away and hid in the White House Bunker, and who has spent all his time since then denying that he ever said anything like what everyone heard him say, and what you believed when he said it.

    Face facts, you were lied to by an immoral Con Man who used you and is still trying to use you for his own egotistical purposes and who spent his entire time in Office enrichng himself off the US Taxpayers money.

    Admit the truth to yourself and speand the rest of your life denying that you ever believed a word he said. Move on, the rest of the Country has.

    1. Who is hiding in the white house bunker? Using the national guardsmen as bodyguard when he isn't trotted out to fumble through prepared speeches that he still fucks up?

      That's your guy. And rhe backup is Old Willie Brown's mouthjob provider.


  6. "Pollster Frank Luntz: 'I would bet on' Trump being 2024 GOP nominee"

    That would be because Democrats will vote for him in the primaries. If he didn't win the popular vote in 2016 or 2020, his odds of the third time being the charm are slim.

  7. 5:06 is correct.

    Fuck Frank Fat Ass Luntz and fuck Kevin "roomy" RINO fuckhead.

  8. Trump might be running against Kameltoe Harris, the whore.

  9. The Libtards know they're losing the House in 2022. Americans can see how they're screwing over the country with no borders, weak military, increased energy prices leading to increased prices for food and other items, enabling transgenders to destroy women's sports, wanting to pack the Supreme Court, wanting to make D.C. a state, their war on law enforcement, and daily focus on dividing the country by race and other attributes.

  10. Frank Luntz is a Putz.

  11. And another day, another worthless article from the Kansas Shitty Star attacking Roger Marshall or Josh Hawley. It's no wonder this newspaper went bankrupt.

  12. The one-note newspaper must be paying their crappy reporters with IOUs. No journalism graduate with half a brain would work there.

  13. ^^^ The gutless Draft-Dodging Mega-Liar Donald Trump was the onehiding in the White House Bunker when the idiots who believed his line of bullshit were breaking into the US Capitol Building in order totry to overthrow the Constitution and overturm the rsults of a normal, legal Election!

    All the name calling you want to throw out can be dumped right back onto the sorry Loser you support, he has a lot more resason for abuse coming to him, after four years of complete abject failure and lining his own pockets at our expense.

    And at least we no longer have a retired(?) Prostitute as First Lady!

    1. What? Trump's out of office, and you're still obsessed. While you whack off to Trump hate-porn in your delusional way, stuck in the past, you're ignoring the present situation.

      Get help.

  14. "No journalism graduate with half a brain would work there." Half a brain is actually above average for newbie reporters.

  15. Ignoring the present situation? The Economy is growing, people are going back to work, fewer people are dying from Covid, everyone (exceot for Trumptards) is more optimistic, Russia and North Korea are backing down, our Traditional Allies are back, Veterans are getting their benefits backagain, a sense of calm and relief is widespread, am I supposed to ignore that?

    As far as hating Trump, you mistake comtempt and disgust for hatred. Yes, I hate what the Liar was allowed to do to this poor Country for four long years, and what he is still trying to do to it, and I hate the fact that he was able to steal so much money from the United States for his personal gain, but I hope that he will have to face the consequences of his misdeeds soon.

    Get help? American helped herself last November - and threw Trump out of Office!

    1. Ok, so some reality for you.

      The jobs report was the worst miss in history. You're completely lying or ignorant about people going back to work because unemployment ticked up and the jobs estimate was off by a million jobs, making it the worst such report in history. It turns out that if you pay people to stay home they don't go out to seek work--- even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is begging President Houseplant to change this disastrous policy. Strike one.

      Russia openly mocks Grandpa Biden's inability to hold a regular conversation, as Putin was able to challenge the old racist to just that and the old fellow slunk away. I don't blame him, really--even the departing Jen Psaki admitted today that the poor old man has to be carefully protected from anything that might resemble a challenging question. Anyway, China openly mocks our ambassadors and you think we're winning. Strike two.

      Not to mention the campaign promises the old rapist keeps breaking, and his desperate series of failures to manage the worsening border crisis he created--he put Vice President Suck-suck in charge, and she thinks it's climate change or something. Meanwhile there are more kids in cages than ever, and President Silver Alert has quietly had to admit that the wall is a pretty good idea.

      Call it what you like, but you're a textbook TDS patient. Anything Trump does is bad, and anything Biden does is good. You're an infant.

  16. The economic recovery is stalling. Inflation is showing up everywhere in the market. The ruling party is addicted to spending and fiat money. There is a crisis at the border. The Chinese are making moves towards the Philippines and the Russians towards Ukraine and the DOD is concerned about Covid and the so-called extremist threat. The IC is trying to prove its wokeness while America’s enemies are licking their chops. Violence is overwhelming our cities. Things are bad and only getting worse.

  17. Salma Hayek is a goddess. She is a throwback to a bygone era of Hollywood greatness.


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