Sunday, May 02, 2021

Kansas City Gunfire Victim Clings To Life After Sunday East Side Shooting

Update on the latest spate of urban core violence . . . Check-it:

1 man suffers life-threatening injury following shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One man suffered life-threatening injuries after being shot on Sunday evening. The incident happened near the 4700 block of E. 44th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department is still working to determine where the shooting happened because the victim showed up to a neighbors house asking for help.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

We were warned this was gonna happen, I blame white libtards for this mess

Anonymous said...

Dope dealers. Drugs. Drugs. The drug network goes hand and hand with crime. Its not a big deal man. The people getting shot are actual murderers themselves. Use what god gave you you brain