Kansas City Freebie Bus Returns In Full

This announcement follows streetcar efforts to get back on track.

Here's bus hype that hopes to encourage locals to get back to work on a mode of transit that was dangerous long before the global plague.

Money line . . .

Beginning Tuesday, June 1, KCATA will drop those capacity limits. However, buses will still require riders to wear masks, in accordance with guidelines for all transit riders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Buses will continue to load and unload from both the front and back, and retain shields for bus drivers and upgraded air filtering systems.

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Everyone Gets A Seat On The Bus, For Free, As Kansas City Transit Returns To Full Capacity

If you ever stood at a bus stop during the pandemic and watched your bus speed by without picking you up, Kansas City has some good news. "The problem we ran into when we were social distancing and could have only half capacity on a vehicle was what you'd call a 'pass by,'" said KCATA president and chief executive officer Robbie Makinen.