Kansas City Flasher Exposes Himself To Women In Brookside/Waldo: Here's What Kind Of Car He Drives!!!

There aren't many deets about a local creeper targeting an otherwise nice part of town.

However, this important passage in a recent report stood out and might help locals identify the suspect given the dearth of any other information . .  .

"On both occasions the man pulled up to two women, got their attention, and then proceeded to expose himself to them. The man was driving what may be either a dark gray Toyota Camry or Honda Accord."

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KCPD seeking man who exposed himself to people near Brookside, Waldo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department is looking for a man who exposed himself to people twice near the Brookside and Waldo area. According to KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina, the incidents happened on Tuesday morning. The first incident happened just after 7 a.m.