Reality, nobody has the cash to pay/build/develop/maintain robots that serve french fries right now. 

In the meantime, before the sci-fi automation future replaces us all. 

The national perspective . . .  

Mother Jones: McDonald’s Workers Are Striking for a $15 Minimum Wage

Better still, check real world testimony on today's strike from a local faith leader in a PUBLIC POST shared by one of KC's strongest activist groups . . .

“As a faith leader, I am PROUD to stand with fast food workers ON STRIKE! Fast food workers are up opening these stores at 4:00 AM. These are the hardest working people I know. All they have ever asked for is an honest wage and the benefits everybody deserves. Unemployment isn’t the problem. Your LOW WAGES is the problem! Your CEO making $9,000/hr. while workers only get $10.30 per hour, THAT’S the problem! We have a moral crisis in America and it’s time to correct it! It’s long past time for workers to have a $15 minimum wage. It is long past time for every worker to have a #union on the job. These #EssentialWorkers are heroes and we have to make sure they are treated like it!”
—Pastor Donna Simon
St. Mark’s Hope and Peace Church

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