Kansas City Drinking Guide Exposed

Before we share the campy overnight clip a fact check is required . . .

COVID has turned a lot of people into alcoholics. 

A noteworthy report that stands out and demonstrates the far reaching impact of the pandemic . . .

Harvard Health reports 41% rise in alcoholism in women amid pandemic

And so, this good time clip is fun as long as we remember there's a dark side to Kansas City boozing.

"Zane Lamprey visits the Paris of the Plains. He tries edible cocktails, meets the creator of the Bergen Malt and squares off in a Kansas City BBQ eating challenge."

Take a look . . .

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. kc liver killer. Yum.

  2. A lot of people were already alcoholics; Covid restrictions just made alcoholism socially acceptable

  3. A black motorist who was pulled over in Southern California for using a cell phone while driving went on a racist tirade against a Hispanic sheriff's deputy, calling him a 'murderer' and telling him he'll 'always be a Mexican' and he'll 'never be white.'

    The body cam video of the April 23 incident in San Dimas surfaced on Monday.

    ‘Can you tell me why I’m being harassed today? Because I was going under the speed limit.’

    ‘The speed limit is 40 and I was going 38, so why are you harassing me?’ the woman asks the sheriff’s deputy.

    ‘You’re correct,’ the deputy responds. ‘I pulled you over because…’

    At this point, the woman interrupts the deputy. She tells him that she took out her cell phone to record the interaction because ‘you’re a murderer.’

    ‘You can’t be on your cell phone while driving,’ the deputy tells the woman.

    The woman responds: ‘I was recording you because you scared me.’

    ‘You can’t use your cell phone while you’re driving,’ the deputy says in response.

    ‘I can record you,’ the woman replies.

    After the deputy asks to see the woman’s driver’s license, she replies: ‘It’s at my apartment.’

    ‘I mistakenly left it at home,’ she adds.

    The deputy then asks to see a picture of the driver’s license.

    The woman says that she has a photo of her license. She then asks the deputy to ‘call your supervisor.’

    ‘I already did,’ the deputy says. ‘He’s on his way.’

    ‘Good,’ the woman replies, ‘because you’re a murderer.’

    The woman then complains again about being pulled over.

    ‘So you’re giving me a cell phone ticket? Is that why you’re harassing me?’ she says.

    To which the deputy responds: ‘This isn’t about harassment. I am enforcing the law.’

    ‘I have a right to record the police when they’re harassing me,’ the woman says.

    ‘By all means,’ the deputy replies. ‘But you can’t do it while you’re driving.’

    The woman then says: ‘I wasn’t texting or none of that.’

    'You scared me and made me think you were going to murder me,' the woman says.

    'Ok, well, I’m sorry you feel that way,' he replies.

    'Well that’s not just a feeling. You’re a murderer.'

    To which the deputy replies: 'Ok.'

    The woman then displays a photo of her driver’s license on her cell phone.

    The deputy then asks her to zoom in on the image.

    ‘Sure,’ she replies. ‘And I am perfectly legal. And I’m a teacher. So there.’

    The deputy then responds: ‘Congratulations.’

    Moments later, the woman says: ‘You’re a murderer.’

    The deputy then asks the woman to state her last name because he is unable to see it on the screen.

    The woman then zooms in further on the photo of the license.

    ‘Here you go, murderer,’ she says.

    The deputy, apparently still unable to see the name, asks the woman to zoom in a bit further.

    ‘No, because you’re scaring me,’ she says.

    ‘You’re threatening to kill me and my son.’

    When the deputy asks the woman if the Mercedes-Benz she’s driving belongs to her, she replies: ‘Yes, it is. Are you trying to say I stole my own car because you’re jealous?’

    ‘Is that what that’s about?’ the woman asks.

    When another deputy comes over and tells the woman that she’s being cited for using her cell phone while driving, the woman calls the first deputy a ‘Mexican racist.’

    ‘Sign the citation, ma’am,’ the deputy tells the woman.

    The woman then repeats her earlier slur, calling the deputy a ‘Mexican racist.’

    ‘You’re always going to be a Mexican,’ she says. ‘You’re never going to be white. You know that, right?’

    She adds: ‘You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be.’

    ‘Have a good day,’ the deputy tells the woman.

    The video ends with the woman saying: ‘You want to be white so badly.’

    1. What's that got to do with alcohol consumption.

      Can't you go back to Stormfront?

    2. Turns out the woman was black,weird

  4. ^^ Get triggered much? You must be the husband of the teacher.

  5. 8:04 - It's called freedom of speech. But Libtards don't believe in it.

  6. I must admit the dialog between the teacher and the cop is much more interesting than nearly every comment on TKC.

  7. Yea, 8:04, what race are you, if you don't mind me asking?

  8. C-19 has not made a lot of people alcoholics. It has given lazy people an excuse to be lazy and alcoholics another excuse to get drunk.

  9. I'm a chucklowe, 8:16, so I'm white, old and stupid as a rock.

  10. ^^ That's funny. Weird.

  11. Representative Fart and Swallow-well5/4/21, 9:40 AM

    I'm "stupid as a rock", and I present your approbation of my title.

  12. An editor must get fired at the KC Star if no reporter -- using the term loosely -- writes an article every day bashing either Roger Marshall or Josh Hawley. The newspaper has hit a new low, if that's possible.

  13. There can't be anyone at the star making over $7 an hour at this point. They have to be propped up by some other entity because no one subscribes


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