Kansas City COVID Real Estate Pron Exposed

The local housing crisis is just getting started but that's no reason to avoid looking at places most plebs couldn't possibly afford.

Accordingly, check this apropos Saturday guide to overpriced McMansions that are nearly as bland as middle-class consumers hoping to make a losing property deal.

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These are the most expensive homes for sale in Kansas City right now

by: Stacker Posted: / Updated: Buying a home is an investment - and an increasingly expensive one. The median value of a home in the United States reached $295,300 in June 2020, according to the National Association of REALTORS.


  1. Hang in there the crash is coming just like it was in 08. Let the fools over pay for houses and then buy when they go under. The inflated market can't last much longer.

  2. Look at the houses on there in this article. Hilarious! There is one at 6201 Tracy for $1,492,500.00. Shit, you could buy the whole neighborhood for about 15 bucks.

    6505 State Line - avoid that one! Holy shit, what a nightmare. Unless they sunk a ton of cash into it... I did some work there and it has some problems. It is NOT a Frank Lloyd Wright house. The guy that originally owned it, was Jacobs, now dead, a really cool guy that wrote a great book back in the 60's about the city, Capitalism, hard work etc.

    The one featured, is the Southerland Mansion, really cool, some say it is haunted, it is pretty creepy.

    1217 W 55th belonged to the lady who went to prison for scamming people at the gas pump. I can't remember her name. I did some work there, they had dead animals stuffed all over the place they shot in Africa.

    Hudson! That's it. She used to have a pump in front of the house.

    Cool house.

  3. Hudson Oil Company......had forgotten. Thanks for the memory.

  4. Chuck...I’m sure if you did some work there, those houses are fucked. You can’t even bake biscuits now.

  5. Where have you done work, Chimpy?

  6. The neighborhood and price combination gave me a good laugh.

    I've got my checkbook ready to snap up that beaut on Tracy.

  7. The same money would buy you a smallish two bedroom two bath apartment in many parts of NYC or SFO, with maintenance fees of $1000 per month and higher.

  8. Just because it's cheaper than NYC doesn't make it a steal.

  9. 1217 is not the hudson house which is in mission hills. the latest resident of 1217 is a Ward that luckily did fine after accidentally sticking a pick axe in his own head. always consider the direction of force.

    No one is going to pay 5 million for 1200, it was a couple million cheaper sometime in the last decade.

    What a joke of a town.

  10. It doesn't hurt to ask a high price. You can always come down. It is a Louis Curtis house and is quite interesting on the inside.


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