Kansas City COVID Mask Orders, Deadly Violence And Police Reform Week In Review

Local journalists unpack events and power plays across the metro. 

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"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Micheal Mahoney, Eric Wesson and Steve Kraske discuss updates to COVID restrictions and mask mandates, recent homicides including a KCUR reporter and a local gym owner, efforts to oust Overland Park Police Chief, the impact of recent Census results on KS and MO, the proposed fetus funerals in MO, auditing COVID relief spending and Laura Kelly wielding the veto pen in Kansas."

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  1. We're all waiting for the week that "citizen behavior reform" makes it on to the agenda of this and the rest of the "news" media programs.
    Time after time the police are blamed for their responses to self-destructive behavior, parental irresponsibility, lack of respect and normal consideration for others, violence, and even criminal activity.
    And the narrative has become that the police should have to put themselves and others at risk, not try to protect the public, and allow people to do whatever they want.
    It might be good to keep in mind that in most instances the police are arriving at the scene because THEY'VE BEEN CALLED by a citizen who is in trouble and can't control the dangerous situation themselves.
    Way past time for a new narrative.
    Let's see regular reports of the behaviors that cause the police response they do.
    Body cameras will help a lot.


  2. In other words due to the terrorism of BLM, ANTIFA, and anti American democrats the entire metro area is a mess and unlivable.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that if Shelia Albers was my mom that I would commit suicide by cop too.

  4. ^^^Why not pretend that she is? And why not make it a DYI project?

  5. ^^^DIY = Do Yourself It. You mean DIY.

    1. No, DYI.


  6. 9:18 tries to be funny, but he fucks up every time.

    Pathetic Marxist.

  7. Sheila Albers needs to walk a few blocks down Prospect and then reconsider if we need law enforcement.

    She lives in a neighborhood of law-abiding whites and has no idea what life is like in other neighborhoods where police are needed.

    Albers is the one who called the police to protect her family from her violent son.

    The police officers didn't just randomly show up in their yard and shoot her son.

  8. First post 735

    One of the best comments lately. "citizen control" perfect.

  9. 918 Another typical useless comment from low IQ "ad hominem" chimpy/weird.

  10. @10:32, I think you're wrong, I haven't seen an "ad" for "hominy" in decades.

  11. Covid is over. The dimwits are desperately trying to hold on to the Chinese red death virus in order to keep the fraudulent mail in vote alive, it’s the only way they can win, dead people, people voting for one candidate hundreds of times without signatures, illegals, prisoners and anything else illegal they can come up with. It’s time to toss the masks.

    Everybody here knows that the negores need to reform, not everybody else, they’ve been out of control for decades, maybe Jim Crow laws will straighten them up long enough to realize the error of the ways over the last forty years or so.

    1. "Covid is over."

      Tell that to India.

  12. Roger STones drip'n dick5/1/21, 12:54 PM

    Hey 12:42..why don't you just suck a 12ga.?
    ...instead of Trump's dick'l?
    I'm more than happy to pull the trig. ..........
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  13. And yet it is within the constitution and state laws to demand more transparency and accountability for police.

    If you don't like the rules of being a public servant than you should not become a public service.

    Police work for the people, not the other way around.

  14. 1:00 - cite the provisions of the Constitution and state laws that "demand more transparency and accountability for police."

    If you can't, you're just blowing smoke.


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