Kansas City Cinco De Mayo Almost Explained

Smarter people than TKC diligently work to educate the public.

The premise of their efforts . . .

"It's not Mexican Independence Day, but that doesn't mean it's not worth celebrating"

More . . . 

"A Kansas City Historian Explains the Origins of Cinco de Mayo"

Reality check: It's really nothing more than just another American drinking holiday wherein Mexican restaurants are afforded the opportunity to earn a few more bucks.

Again, take a look at smarter coverage . . .



  1. The author of the article is a UMKC director of "public history." I wonder if UMKC also has a director of private history.

    The reader can tell that she is woke and then some by the way she peppers the article with "Latinx."

  2. Oh, I see what you did there. Peppers and Latinx in the same sentence. Cool. Happy Cinco de Tomato.

  3. ¡Hunter Biden es un pedófilo!

  4. ¡Kamala Harris tiene un coño lascivo!

  5. Thanks for explanation. It's like Groundhog Day.

  6. Gracias, perra.

  7. Mexico is a rich country. When Spain conquered it, it had at least as much going for it as did the savages whom the English conquered farther north--more, really, since south of the Rio Grande there was some sort of civilization, writing, etc. But the English were Protestant and believed in work ethic and small families and freedom from the pope; the Spaniards were something else. And that is the difference, to this day. Feliz Cinco de Mayo y gracias por la panocha barata que trae el catolicismo.


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