Kansas City CID Scheme Exposed

A recent presser attempts to put 12th & Oak on the right side of a long-running con amongst politically connected developers.

Here's a passage from a recent report that reveals NOBODY is in charge of local tax & spend efforts that are cleverly disguised as as "improvement" for the plebs . . .

"Auditors concluded the City’s current review process does not critically evaluate public benefit, purpose and plan of the proposed district, sales tax burden impact, overlaps with other economic incentives, and alignment with City goals. A robust evaluation of these elements by City staff would provide the City Council with information to consider when they deliberate whether to approve the establishment of proposed CIDs, according to the Auditor’s Office."

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Audit: Community Improvement Districts need more oversight

The Kansas City Auditor's Office has concluded that the City's current review process does provide enough oversight to the City's Community Improvement District (CID) properties. The City Auditor's Office released an audit evaluating whether the City is exercising oversight of CIDs on Thursday, May 13.