Kansas City Chiefs Season Of Hype Tweaked

A glimpse at the NFL COVID comeback anticipated whilst everyone believes QB Patrick Mahomes will have his revenge in the Super Bowl this time around.

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NFL removes "Rodgers vs Mahomes" from schedule release commercial

During the 2021 draft, the NFL ran a commercial for the May 12 schedule release. The 30-second spot hyped "Rodgers vs Mahomes" as one of the games to be played in the first-ever 17-game season. With the schedule release three days away, there's a new version of the commercial.


  1. Patrick Mahomes is so ugly he can stop a clock.

  2. ^and yet he's got more money than every person in whole in-bred genealogy. Weird.

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Try to make sense! Try sentences. Poor dumb chimp.

  3. we are so lucky to have mahomes

    reminded of this seeing things like what happened with the eagles. Carson went hated being there, total breakdown between management and quarterback, and we can only imagine, also the locker room lost faith in the QB.

    and Aaron Rodgers too. doesn't want to be there.

    chiefs will be amazing this season. the super bowl was a fluke and a result of the enchantment spell cast by Tom Brady's witch of a wife. an idea I heard about here by the way.

  4. I am looking forward to seeing Patty running backwards in world class time. In last year’s Super Bowl he set a record for most yards run toward his own goal post. BLM Day at Arrowhead will be extra-special....the Chiefs will dis the cops and military, play the black national anthem even though they want unity, and BLM members will be allowed to vandalize and loot other customers. The NFL is a special organization.


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