Kansas City Chiefs Draft Completely New O-Line For QB Patrick Mahomes

After an embarrassing Super Bowl defeat, the team hopes to quickly rebuild protection around their highly star.

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Chiefs complete draft with revamped offensive line to protect Patrick Mahomes after Super Bowl fallout

The Kansas City Chiefs had one goal this offseason: repair the offensive line in order to return to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive season. Patrick Mahomes was pressured 29 times in last season's loss, a Super Bowl record. Kansas City's starting offensive line that day was Mike Remmers, Nick Allegretti, Austin Reiter, Stefen Wisniewski, and Andrew Wylie.


  1. Look how stupid and ugly Mahomes looks. The guy is grotesque.

  2. ^^^I agree

  3. Good for the Chiefs. A few bouncers from Westport bars could have done better in the Super Bowl than our back-ups after all of the injuries. The Chiefs don't want history to repeat itself with a horrible O-line.

  4. I thought Patty Cake was supposed to be Super Man.

    Tom Brady had less talented receivers and tight ends and clowned Mahomes and the Chiefs 31 - 9 in the Super Bowl embarrassing Kansas City which is already an embarrassment with 176 murders, raw sewage and undrinkable water.


  5. Pre-requisite to be a Kansas City Chief is to be able to hold hands and kneel on the American flag during the National Anthem to show their hatred of the United States, its veterans and citizens.

    Citizens actually pay $250 a game to be told that they are hated.

  6. I watched Clark Hunt, who, by the way is so far removed from from his fan base, talking about Matthieu last night and the fact Clark was really going to put efforts behind Tyrann’s cause-black business ownership......another virtue signaling bunch of bullshit, from a guy who has his head up his ass. Tyrann’s cause is burning and looting black and other small business. He supports thugs and defund the police. Just like other NFL players he believes fans are stupid, he is superior, and believes people won’t see through his BS. I have an idea for Mr. Hunt.....get behind some meaningful causes and stop the race delineation. Another white, wealthy, NFL owner who is lost. The man is a sniveling pussy. Sorry but Tryrann is there to play football and win games, not to advance his political agenda. Screw him and screw Clark Hunt. Are we going to see the NFL social justice cram down, again, this year? What a joke.

  7. Doesn't matter guys. Another Super Bowl ain't happening.

  8. ^^^ You meant, Doesn't matter Gays. Worrying about sport is gay. Sorry you couldn't live out those 8 th grade pro team fantasies. Now you have to live them out thru people that mostly hate America.


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