Kansas City Chamber Won't Pay Tribute To Intern Program: Should Mayor Q Worry?!?

A kerfuffle over throw-away charity jobs for youngsters has bigger implications for the politics of Kansas City. 

Check the cover story . . .

Fox4: Kansas City leaders questioning metro nonprofit about intern workers not being paid

The premise is simple enough . . . The Chamber claims they don't pay interns and the mayor wants more cash.

But that's not the whole story . . .

This remark is curious and reveals an important rift . . .

Mayor Lucas and his staff question why the Chamber, given its large number of member businesses, doesn’t pay its interns. The mayor said that’s in sharp contrast to programs led by Hire KC’s summer employment program, which offers paid summer internships to high school students from at-risk neighborhoods.

So far, that program has received 900 applicants to fill 500 summer jobs.

“For us, what’s most important is making sure we’re getting kids opportunities, but opportunities look like real work. Part of real work is getting paid at the end of the day. We’re making sure we get that as well,” Lucas said.

So far it looks like The Chamber is holding steady. Meanwhile, we've seen a few cringe-y allegations of discrimination planted by paid trolls who support the mayor on a few social media outlets in hopes of trying to stir up negative publicity. 

However . . .

One of the most powerful institutions in Kansas City openly rejecting the Mayor's demand for more money exposes division betwixt the biz community vs. the city hall honcho.

A clever politico with connections and a decent track record might be able to take advantage of this opportunity and a surprising unforced error by Mayor Q.

Sure, this is a subtle clue behind the scenes of cowtown politics but local biz people traditionally use money to keep politicos off their back. Denying the mayor crumbs for youngsters inadvertently exposes widespread biz community frustration with city hall that has now taken hold among power players. 

Developing . . .


  1. I vote for the general!

  2. How could the Chamber or anyone else in the business community possibly be supportive of the Lucas clown show?
    His proposals zig and zag from one poorly thought-out idea to the next with unintended consequences following time after time.
    Pandering to every "demand" from one self-concocted group after another and never actually involving constituencies that might be affected by his decisions.
    Little doubt that the Chamber was blind-sided by his latest pontification.
    The Chamber sees what's happening to both the business environment and even basic safety in the city and can't be anything but alarmed by the spiral KCMO is going down.
    Maybe they've had enough and will actually screw up enough courage to do something about it.
    It's only going to get worse.

  3. Another day, another fuckup from Mayor McDrinkerson.

  4. I'm telling you, the picture of Mayor McDrinkerson you use needs a jester hat.

  5. Another day, another article about Josh Hawley or Roger Marshall in the Kansas Shitty Star. No wonder they went bankrupt -- morally and financially.


  6. I think what the racist mayor idiot means is he wants to give BLM kids opportunities. It's a fact that racist mayor LUcas doesn't hire withe people if he can get by with it that's a fact. Hey Lucas L is for LOSERS.

  7. Have the chamber prove that 100% of interns are receiving college credit for their internship and an agreement exist between employer/institution. If so, legal, if not, illegal. Simple

  8. The Chamber will do anything to keep the corporate welfare scheme going. Look for them to fold soon.


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