Kansas City Celebrates AAPI Community

Weekend presser and promo for politicos offers a nice proclamation and sentiments to bolster that Mayor's progressive credentials. 

"Mayor Quinton Lucas and other city officials declared the month of May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

Dozens of Kansas citians of all races filled Ilus Davis park downtown to celebrate. Several ethnic performances took place before the city made the official decree. 

Asian American business owner Jackie Nguyen said this is the recognition that AAPI citizens were longing for."

Check the links . . .

KCTV5: Kansas City recognizes Asian American and Pacific Islander community

KSHB: May declared as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month in Kansas City, Missouri

Fox4: KCMO declares May AAPI Heritage Month

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  1. My fryyyy rice was cold

  2. Which demographic group will be next month's honoree? Have we done anything for the Aleut Islanders yet?

    We may have to add a few months to cover all the groups.

  3. The Middle Eastern community doesn't even get acknowledgement as an ethnicity other than Caucasian and everyone else gets their own month. There are lots of people that need recognition, not just a handful of the largest minority groups.

  4. The media wants you to think the vast majority of hate crimes on Asians are coming from straight, white males. In reality the majority of hate crimes on Asians are at the hands of Blacks. Blacks who are jealous that Asians come to this country and within one generation their kids or grandkids become doctors and engeneers while blacks have been here for over 500 years and their kids fate is prison, welfair or an early grave.

    You can get out of poverty eaiser with hardwork and education instead of sports and entertainment. But this is a fad. Because in another year all the hate crime focus will be on East Indians, done by blacks for the same reasons they were done to Asians.

  5. Blacks need to stop stabbing and beating asians with bricks.

  6. Blacks need to quit killing Asians as msnbc recently pointed out, wait, what? Once the msm found out that their critical hate piece on whites beating and killing Asians was in fact the blacks doing all the crimes.... they dumped the story in the trash.

    I noticed the only koloreds at the Asian proclamation event was the racist mayor mckneely, he still refuses to admit that the racist koloreds are killing whites and Asians at alarming numbers. I bet the so called proclamation only mentions white terrorists and white supremacy groups as the problem.

    Lickass’s political future just went down the toilet for good.

  7. Isn't dividing and naming groups by nationality and color racism ?

  8. Listing stats isn't racism. Crying about stats is ignorance. When someone says, "Don't look at the stats," they mean you're on to something that we don't like people to know.


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