Kansas City BEGGING People To Work

Local workers remain home amid the pandemic and small biz seems desperate to restart despite struggling to find staffing help.

Restaurants seem to have it to have it the worst and the sellers market for labor is something they haven't ever confronted.

To be fair, most of the places complaining about finding workers barely offer a living wage and the recent plague seems to have taught people that life is short and coping with health risks for a pittance might not be worth it when there are better options available.  

Meanwhile, our conservative friends blame generous unemployment benefits and the promise of more stimmy from Prez Biden for the the worker shortage.

Check the links . . .

Fox4KC: Struggling Kansas City area restaurants hope to attract new hires with $500 signing bonuses

KCUR: Kansas City’s Fast-Growing Economy Promises New Working-Class Mobility

WDAF: Get hired - Immediate job openings at companies across Kansas City metro

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  1. why work when Dems keep passing out Mo' Free Stuff..including free hotel rooms..

  2. People over 60 that had realistic retirement goals and little to no debt that's job were eliminated by the virus are now retired on the generous unemployment offered by our newly forming socialist government. Gonna get nothing but better !!! Old people rule lol

  3. Only Dems would pay people not to work, make it too expensive to hire them thanks to minimum wage and benefit mandates, and then wonder why the economy is not working.


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