Kansas City Artsy Traffic Solution Debuts

A quick peek at the creative class working to make artistic expression just a bit more relevant and useful.

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This initiative is improving street safety through public art

This story is part of the SoJo Exchange from the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rigorous reporting about responses to social problems. Click here to read the original story. In the Westport neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, where Wyandotte Street meets Westport Road, something seemed to be missing.


  1. Any new murders this weekend?


  2. This is so dumb. Lets get one thing straight. Nothing is going to bring us together again NOTHING. Why not start by removing the idiotic things Eric Bunch did to cause traffic trouble, parking problems and snow removal problems and then remove the nasty racist graffiti that the racist Lucas added to ruin the city for everyone except of course the racist black community that has caused problems nation wide. And then they say streets are going to bring people together. That is so dumb.

  3. We need some big murals painted that say, "Black Fathers Live With and Raise Your Children to be Upstanding Non-violent Citizens."

  4. I think we need more street art at midtown intersections.

    Anything to slow down the dip-shits that were raised on Fast 'n Furious movies.

    These brain dead fucks now own fast cars and still can't get laid.

    They take their frustrations out on the city streets and it fucks it up for the rest of us.

  5. I definitely would like to see the data supporting the bizarre contention that anything these woke-joke hipsters are doing is making anyone or anything safer in any way.

  6. ^^well did you call and ask for the data Maude? Why not? Why are you boring us with this shit when you're too lazy to get it yourself?

    1. Wait, what? Dr. Chimpy, you're the best at showing your ass and getting smacked! It just happened again today in fact. Good job on the monkey science! Lolol


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