Kansas City Aim4Peace Under Fire Again

We've often talked about this program confronting criticism from politicos & insiders. Last year there was a serious push to end funding for the program.

Recently, the newspaper took notice of the push to cut the program but hides their perspective behind the paywall. What's important is a reminder that the fight for dwindling city hall resources is already getting serious.

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Is KC anti-violence program worth saving? If not, council has to find replacement

Is KC anti-violence program worth saving? If not, council has to find replacement


  1. It would be easy to replace Aim4Peace and all the other bullshit anti-violence do-nothing programs.

    Just get rid of Jean Petersucker Baker and get a prosecutor that is at least adequate and qualified to be a prosecutor.

    Violence crimes would decrease if more criminals were actually prosecuted and put in prison where they belong.

  2. Aim4Peace has been a joke and make-work program from the time it first appeared.
    It was "created" by a professor from, of all places, Chicago, which is not exactly a model city of public safety.
    But, like the other comment above, all of these "anti-crime nonprofits, like Aim4Peace, ad Hoc, Mothers in Charge, and all the rest, have been around for years, even as the homicides HAVE INCREASED, year after year.
    It's too bad the governments, foundations, and other funders of this farce don't have the guts to cut these operations loose and, if they want to fund something, look for other organizations with different approaches, which might at least have a chance of making a difference.
    The KCPD comes to mind.

  3. Shut it down. Nothing but grifters and scammers.

  4. I think Sly James when I hear Aim 4 Peace. Where is the Karaoke Puppet King these days?

  5. Aim for (at) rioters. Pull triggers. Reduces violence.

  6. Aim yo' piece! A budget that has gone exclusively to buy ribs for fatasses.

  7. Aim fo da heart!

  8. Forget the replacement. Use the money the city saves to fill a few potholes.

    All these groups should be given clear, measurable goals to determine whether they are making any impact on violence in the city. (Number of candlelight vigils held or tee shirts distributed will not be accepted as goals.) If a group does not meet the goals set for them, stop funding and use the money for something else.

  9. Just another KC money pit. Cancel it!


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