Kansas City Advocate For Sex Abuse Victims Hopes Prez Biden Brings Predator Priests To Justice

An important passage and call to action from a local advocate for victims of sex crime abuse by clerics . . .

What can Biden do to stop pedophile priests, prevent more cover-ups and bring solace to those hurt by these clerics?

Biden can urge Congress to hold hearings on this crisis and how similar horrors can be deterred, as at least a dozen nations have done at the national level.

He can prod state officials to reform their archaic, predator-friendly statutes of limitations. These measures, with their rigid and arbitrary deadlines, make it very tough for prosecutors to convict wrongdoers and for victims, witnesses and whistleblowers to expose wrongdoers in court.

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It's time for our Catholic president to address the church's sexual abuse scandal

(RNS) - The unemployed. The unvaccinated. The front-line health care workers. The struggling small-business owners. The kids who should be back in school. Millions need and deserve help these days. Increasingly that help is arriving courtesy of President Joe Biden and the federal government.