Kansas City 2021 Ice Cream List Debuts

A worthwhile guide that should thwart efforts to take off all of that COVID lockdown weight.

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Local Spots to Satisfy Your Frozen Treat Cravings - In Kansas City

Summer in Kansas City means watching the Royals play at The K, lots of topnotch backyard barbecuing, and, of course, plenty of frozen treats. Whether you're devoted to the classic cone, all about shaved ice, craving something tropical, or on the lookout for dairy-free (or boozed-up) options, these local spots will help keep you cool...


  1. We have all of these places in the burbs for you. and you can be safe. Let the criminals spend their free govt. money in KC.

  2. I love how TKC dipsticks can even find a reason to get mad about ice cream. Pathetic.


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