Kansas City 18th & Vine Leaders Debate: More Police Protection Or Defund?!?

A recent mass shooting has sparked an urban core conversation that offers a few contradictions.

For those who haven't seen it already, here's a report from a growing faction of leaders who want a greater police presence:

KCTV5: Jazz District stakeholders continue push for improved weekend security

Deets . . .

"Henry Service, an attorney who owns the historic Lincoln Building, said the 18th and Vine area has urged the city to provide support for added lighting, fixing blighted buildings and setting up barricades for secured areas similar to Westport or Power and Light . . . He believes the barricades and other improvements, coupled with off-duty police officers, could prevent that."

And so . . . 

Obviously, more police, even off-duty police in this embattled district might contradict activist push back against law enforcement.

However, what's important about this discussion is that East side leaders are talking about solutions involving police and that might be a sign of progress beyond culture war talking points. 

Developing . . .


  1. -Defund the police? Does anyone realize that both Westport and the Plaza actually pay for extra police presence? The 18th and Vine district has received millions in funding over the years, but the violence has not subsided. The retailers and business owners have always had mixed feelings about extra police, but the other entertainment districts don't have that concern. If you don't want extra cops that's fine, as both Westport and the Plaza will happily PAY for them.

  2. Defund the jazz district, it’s had twenty years to prove itself and has failed miserably. The baseball museum is the only good thing down there and the jazz district is holding it down. Everything, I mean everything the cleave has touched has been a massive failure..... now lickass has taken over the reigns of ruining the city.

  3. Shut the doors on this money pit. There's nothing histor left there except the Theater and Call Paper. Everything else needs to be rebuilt, restored or has collapsed due to City neglect. Let it go.

  4. Defund and bulldoze it!

  5. The time for this so-called entertainment district has passed. No more money, no more events, it's done. Only a fool would throw another dime at this shooting gallery. Move Negro Leagues Museum, turn out the lights, bulldoze it.

  6. Bulldoze the whole area and build the new jail there. Then fill the jail with all the hood rats that live near there.

  7. Paying customers (white people) will never go anywhere near the shithole 18th & Vine. Not another taxpayer dollar should be spent on it. Let the rat infested shithole buildings fall down.


  8. Tell Henry Service to have the building owners fix up the buildings on their dime not the taxpayers. Taxpayers have already lost millions of dollars in this area and shouldn't spend another dime


  10. Chairman Joe Bidet5/1/21, 8:09 PM

    Third alternative...........

    Just don't answer emergency calls anywhere in the hood. Thus no "officer involved shootings". This applies to 18th & Vine area.

  11. If this was such a great area it would support itself. It’s a shithole and stop dumping money into it.

  12. Idiot libs jump on the woke bandwagon until a little real world common sense actually wakes them up.


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