Kansas City 1% Also Suffer COVID Comeback Spike In Traffic Fatalities: Mission Hills Dude Dies In Ward Parkway Crash

Despite pandemic lock down, traffic deaths increased last year. Locals have warned about increased driving risk. Here's a look at the danger that crosses demographic lines . . . Read more and drive carefully:

Mission Hills man killed in single-vehicle crash on Ward Parkway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Mission Hills man was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Ward Parkway overnight. Kansas City, Missouri, police were called to the 5200 block of Ward Parkway shortly after 11:00 p.m. Thursday. Upon arrival, emergency crews discovered that a Volvo SUV was northbound when the driver apparently lost control.


  1. Come on I've driven that hill going down Ward Pkwy to the Plaza many times and people in those damn SUV's speed down that hill and then lane switch like crazy at the Ward Parkway entrance from Shawnee Mission Parkway. SUV's are not stable when your driving fast and taking a curve. Wonder if he had been drinking? Everyone treats Ward Parkway like a race track especially those Johnson county people after the get off work.

  2. Them white dudes get drunk and get behind they wheel. Thery jus cain't hold they likker.

  3. Texting while rich.

  4. That's because when you don't have people driving on a regular basis they go stupid. It's bad enough here normally when you introduce rain into the equation.


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