Jackson County Passes Pricey A/C Ordinance

The Courthouse has been in disrepair for years, the latest "solution" spends about $500K a week with more cash desperately needed to fix the old school building . . .

"On Monday, the Jackson County Legislature discussed its Emergency Cooling Ordinance. Public Works wants to bring in outside equipment that would push cool air into floors three through eight, which would help cool down courtrooms so the justice system can continue its work. It would cost nearly $1.6 million."

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Jackson County Legislature gives green light to air-conditioning fix

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Jackson County Legislature unanimously approved bringing in outside equipment to cool down certain floors of the courthouse as it waits for a permanent fix to its air conditioning system that will cost tax payers more money.


  1. Leave it off! Go green! That's the rage now. Haven't you heard?

  2. Exactly, get Woke save the planet. 300 pound Karencratic city employees are too spoiled as it is.

  3. $1.6 million is stupid. A 15,000 btu AC is about $500. How many do you need? A hundred ($50,000) 500 ($250,000) 1,000 ($500,000)


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