How Do You Like New TKC Comments?!?!

Free trial runs out in a few days and I'm going to have to start paying for this service very soon.

TKC is tempted to simply send all comments directly to moderation. Fast, cheap and easy is always my preference in decisions and women.

Then again, most of the time I don't really like reading what most of you d-bags scribble. 

What's still unfortunate about the comments is that a few Mean Girls are slap fighting with each other rather than contributing anything meaningful to the local discourse. 

 The problem with "regulars" in any business, hangout our haunt is that they often want to chase away new visitors. 

Still, we want to offer a space to talk about local issues given that overall there's a crackdown on political discourse by way of labeling it as something more sinister:

AP: US to ramp up tracking of domestic extremism on social media

What we do like and what saves us time is that most naughty words, hate speech and garbage/spam links have been pre-moderated. Also, it's now easier to share mod duties with a few helpful souls. (Thank you Greedo!!!)

Overall, the numbers are picking up and more people are learning the somewhat more cumbersome system.

One important fun fact . . .

It is possible to leave an anonymous comment that goes straight to moderation without having to register with any system. Disqus slightly obscures that option.

Here at TKC we will always make our own decision but this is the place/post to weigh in with a perspective.

You decide . . .