Hipsters Ruin Kansas City Italian Food

Pasta isn't really for TKC but we still appreciate all things authentic and local.

Sadly, many of the newer local Italian places feature nothing more than a soy boi serving vegan cabbage noodles and other insults to KC culinary tradition.

To be fair, there are some good choices on this list that's mostly inundated with trendy fare . . .

Food Critics: The Best Italian Food In Kansas City In 2021

Pasta carbonara. Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella. Caprese salad. Risotto. Gelato. Tiramisu. Not to mention, wine. "The Italians do it right. For them, food is a lifestyle," KCUR food critic Mary Bloch says. Most of us won't be traveling to Naples anytime soon.


  1. Chef Boyardee has better Italian food than any of those shitholes, except for Jasper’s.

  2. No, includng Jaspers - have you eaten there recently?
    Must be that COVID is responsible for how the food has gone downhill in the last six months. SURE!

  3. ^^Coming from a geriatric fucktard who eats exclusively at Bob Evans, that’s hilarious. Stick to that fucktard. Hard pass on anything you have to say.

    1. Says the fuckhead who eats at McDonalds for a night out.

  4. ^^^ you’re just pissed because you can’t afford to eat at the nicest places in town, even with all that free gubmint money you still wouldn’t be allowed because you are poor ghetto trash.

  5. ^^^But mostly because they won't let him out of the institution except with attendants.

  6. Had a horrible dinner at garozzos, pre pandemic

    Go to.Vs for Italian.

  7. 10/4 on V's. Often forgotten.

  8. Try ordering from Fazoli's secret menu.

  9. Try ordering from Fazoli's secret menu.

  10. I end up making my own family Italian recipes. The take on I food in kc is a joke. The owners of these places need to take a trip back to the east coast. May remind them of what the stuffs supposed to taste like.


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