Here's How Much Jackson County Property Taxes Will Spike In 2021

The complaints targeting the courthouse have already started.

After "free money" from the gubmint had dried up and the economic impact of the pandemic persists, this aspect of the housing crisis doesn't garner much sympathy from our elected leaders.

Money line . . .

"Most properties will see an average 7-to-15 percent increase this year, which avoids the automatic trigger of inspection for increases above 15-percent. The county is also undertaking a massive two-year process, reviewing all 300,000 parcels in the county one-by-one before the next assessment in 2023."

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Ongoing frustrations as property assessments begin hitting Jackson County homeowners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Property assessments are hitting Jackson County mailboxes right now. This is the first valuation following what many felt was a disastrous assessment in 2019, leading to thousands of appeals. Some homeowners are still frustrated by the process, but the county is making sweeping changes to improve its assessments.